We are living longer.  This awareness is rippling out at an increasingly rapid pace. Individuals and organizations are seeking information and strategies to prepare for and address the issues and challenges that we currently face and will continue to face across the generations. 

Being proactive, whether as an individual, family, organization (corporate and community) or country can enable us to live fuller lives, deepen our relationships with others and improve the quality of our lives in many areas.

I provide services to three distinct client groups.

Individual and Family Services

Services are specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals and their families who are concerned about their own and/or an older family member’s change in health.

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For Professionals

I am a valuable resource for professionals working in the areas of finance, law and medicine when their adult clients or older family members of clients face significant changes in health.  Together, we help our clients and their families walk the care years well.

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Corporate Services

Whether you are a corporate or community organization, my services are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.  As an industry recognized keynote speaker on aging, my presentations teach, inspire and are a call to action.

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