Much of of my website focuses on the physical aspects of care logistics.  But we are more than just bodies. We have minds to help us think, solve problems and form opinions.  And we are more than our bodies and minds.

We have hearts – that invisible aspect of ourselves that some call our higher or authentic selves, our souls or our core being.  It is in the tender place of heart that much of our most important work is done.

Although my initial focus with individuals and families is typically on physical care, our work together transforms into something more powerful.

It is from the place of heart where compassion for ourselves and others can be found. New ways to communicate with people can be nurtured. Conflict can be  reduced. Identifying  core values, priorities and life lessons can help make difficult decisions easier to live with.

When we are in relationship with people with dementia, we can help to level the playing field by being in the heart rather than just in the mind.  Moments together can be more gentle, loving and positive for everyone.

Dealing with changes in health – our own or others, includes facing different kinds of loss, potential regrets, mortality and the powerful emotions these evoke. Being in a place of heart, gives us the opportunity to connect with what we hold dear in life, and to cherish important relationships and moments in time.

Whichever care road you may be on, I invite you to journey into your own place of heart.  There are tremendous gifts that await you.

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