Care for the Caregiver

Across the generations, people may depend on us for care: parents, spouses/partners, children, adult siblings or other older family members.  Are you a caregiver?  Are you concerned about a caregiver?

Caregivers are often in the background as the focus is on the care recipient. The results of their efforts – a well-cared for family member, are frequently at a high cost to the caregiver.

If you do not live with the caregiver, you may not be fully aware of the degree of care being provided, the time involved or the physical, emotional and financial toll of caregiving.

Whether you are a Gen X’er, Baby Boomer or older senior, developing strategies to “share the care” and for “self-care” are essential in ensuring the overall well-being of caregivers.

The road ahead can be untangled – one step at a time.

Drawing upon my prior clinical career in healthcare and currently as a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, I work with individuals and families to:

  • Open the door to important care conversations between family members
  • Identify and pay attention to crucial issues that are often overlooked
  • Create action and care plans based on the needs of both care recipients and caregivers
  • Navigate healthcare systems
  • Access community resources
  • Put care services in place at home and in hospital
  • Advocate on behalf of loved ones
  • Ensure safety in the home and community
  • Maximize independence
  • Choose assisted living options
  • Cope with changing family roles and responsibilities
  • Manage long-distance caregiving effectively
  • Balance caregiving demands with personal needs


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