Self-care: Managing our own care when our health changes. We make promises to take care of ourselves later.  Perhaps later is now.

A change in your health can be on a temporary basis due to illness, injuries or surgery.  It can be on-going due to chronic or progressive diseases and conditions. You may be hesitant to ask family and friends for help.

Strategic planning is needed to optimize your health, preserve your autonomy, maximize your independence and enhance your quality of life.  There are important conversations to have with family and the professionals upon whom you rely.

Figuring out how to manage your own care can be a complicated dance.  It is often overwhelming.

The road ahead can be untangled – one step at a time.

Drawing upon my prior clinical career in healthcare and currently as a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, I work with individuals and families to:

  • Open the door to important care conversations between family members
  • Identify and pay attention to crucial issues that are often overlooked
  • Create action and care plans based on the needs of both care recipients and caregivers
  • Navigate healthcare systems
  • Access community resources
  • Put care services in place at home and in hospital
  • Advocate on behalf of loved ones
  • Ensure safety in the home and community
  • Maximize independence
  • Choose assisted living options
  • Cope with changing family roles and responsibilities
  • Manage long-distance caregiving effectively
  • Balance caregiving demands with personal needs

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