It is hard to see our parents, spouse or other older family members age and decline in health.  It reminds us that we too, are getting older and are mortal.

As we age, changes in health are inevitable. Some changes may be temporary such as time-limited illness, injuries, or surgery and recovery. Other changes may be chronic or progressive and become more debilitating over time.

Finding ways to maximize independence, preserve autonomy, ensure personal safety and enhance quality of life are essential.

You may be worried about how older family members are currently managing and how they will manage in the future.  They may be hesitant or unable to ask you for help.  Their perspectives and preferences including their care need to be heard, along with yours.  Important conversations within families and with the professionals upon whom they rely are necessary.  This complicated dance between family members is often overwhelming.

The road ahead can be untangled – one step at a time.

Drawing upon my prior clinical career in healthcare and currently as a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, I work with individuals and families to:

  • Open the door to important care conversations between family members
  • Identify and pay attention to crucial issues that are often overlooked
  • Create action and care plans based on the needs of both care recipients and caregivers
  • Navigate healthcare systems
  • Access community resources
  • Put care services in place at home and in hospital
  • Advocate on behalf of loved ones
  • Ensure safety in the home and community
  • Maximize independence
  • Choose assisted living options
  • Cope with changing family roles and responsibilities
  • Manage long-distance caregiving effectively

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