For Professionals

Professionals working in the areas of finance, law and medicine will at some point have adult clients who are facing their own significant changes in health or are caring for older family members whose health has changed.

It is essential to have a trusted network of experts to refer clients.

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I am a valuable resource to a variety of professionals and their clients. Together, we help our clients and their families walk the care years well.

My areas of focus include:

  • How to open doors to sensitive care conversations with clients.
  • Identify current and anticipated care issues.
  • Explore care options and the costs of care to effectively plan for the future.
  • Ensure communication between professionals and their clients as situations change.
  • Facilitate family care conversations to support care recipients and caregivers.
  • Navigate health care systems.
  • Access community services.
  • Advocacy – troubleshooting when challenges along the care journey arise.
  • Assisted living – untangling the why, when, what, how and where of residential care.

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