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I attended a seminar where Debbie Gilbert was the Keynote Speaker on the subjects of Eldercare, Self-care and Caregivers.  She was one of the best speakers I have heard in years.  I know from talking to my many clients and friends, with or without financial means, that this is a subject of great and growing concern.

Caring for a loved one or preparing for your own eldercare needs, is a difficult, eye-opening experience that Debbie handles with compassion, humour, realism and I dare say, love.  She is a “gentle powerhouse” and that’s not an easy combo to find.

Susan Gottlieb, Vice President and Investment Advisor                                                         RBC Dominion Securities


Unfolding Layers

Your presentation at the Women in Wealth Management Conference in Vancouver was outstanding.  Your content resonated with the audience and you made a strong connection with everyone in the room.   I was drawn to the passion you demonstrated for your eldercare topic.

Lorraine Behnan, President  ExpressionLab Communications Inc.


Autumn Tree TopsI invited Debbie Gilbert to discuss issues of aging to a group of my clients. Debbie is exceptionally knowledgeable in this field and draws her knowledge base from her years as an occupational therapist and rehabilitation consultant as well as from her personal experience with her own family.

Debbie has developed this experience into a successful consulting practice. She helps clients gain a sense of the issues they may confront as family members age, and the preparations that can be made for all generations of that family.

My clients commented on how useful the session was and what a positive impact it had on them. Many of my clients have now taken steps to ensure they have prepared effectively.

I highly recommend Debbie Gilbert and would welcome her back for a client presentation any time.

Corinne Fuhr-Hughes, Director, Wealth Management                                                          Senior Wealth Advisor                                                                                                       ScotiaMcLeod


photo(4) Snapdragons CroppedI met Debbie several years ago when she gave a presentation to an Investment Advisor’s clients. The presentation covered the difficult topic of dealing with issues of aging. Debbie also talked about care for the caregiver – a topic not often discussed openly.

Debbie struck a chord with every single person in the room. It was as though she was speaking intimately to each of us one-on-one.

It was very interesting for me as I was not dealing with any issues at the time; however, it got me thinking about what could happen down the road with my parents and my in-laws. It also got me thinking about planning ahead and having discussions before a time of crisis. Debbie has credibility due to her medical background and her own journey with her mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s for many years.

Since I met Debbie, I have had the opportunity to see her speak several times to both advisors and clients. Debbie has a true gift in terms of being able to connect with her audience and communicate on very challenging issues. During every speech, you could hear a pin drop. Being in the financial planning industry all of my career, I realize how important planning for the future is. As much as we talk to our clients about it, it is often difficult to get them to take action on things before it is too late. I have seen first hand the impact that Debbie has on her audience. I have never seen clients take action so quickly as they do after listening to Debbie. She creates a sense of urgency around planning for the future, as individuals and as families.

On a final note, Debbie is always prepared and takes her speaking engagements very seriously. She takes the time to get to know the audience ahead of time to ensure her speech meets expectations. On that she truly exceeds.

Cindy Crean, Managing Director
Sun Life Global Investments


In the RainforestWe were very fortunate to have Debbie speak to our team of Financial Planners. She provided context and depth to the issues relevant to the demographic of clients we work with. She gave personal accounts, which made her content all the more compelling and real. Our advisors walked away with confidence and knowledge on matters relating to eldercare and their caregivers. We would not hesitate to have Debbie in again.

Chi Wen Liang, CFP
Manager Financial Planning, National Bank