My Work with Families

In their own words …


We’re all very well.

I often think of the great support you gave to me with my mother’s situation and have recommended you to several people.

Deborah N. 




The Long Term Care home was certainly the best place for dad. He had loving caregivers and was treated with respect, love and dignity. When I hear about some of these homes on the news, I know how very lucky we were to have him in such a wonderful facility. I don’t think we would have found it without you!

I know Mom has expressed this to you but we couldn’t have gone through what we did getting him into a home, without you. You were a godsend for the both of us, and of course for dad although he didn’t know it, and we so appreciated every bit of help and wisdom you gave us.

Janet Butler


Rowboats Ashore

You did an excellent job today. That was real heavy lifting.

As you can tell, we do not have these conversations as a family, and it was good to have someone like yourself facilitate to avoid falling back into usual roadblocks.

I am a very satisfied customer.

L. Smith


I am 83 years old. I have known Debbie Gilbert for 5 years now. They have not been easy years. I have a lot of health issues that make my life challenging. Four years ago I moved from my condo to a retirement home.

My relationship with Debbie is really important to me. She has been with me during my health ups and downs. I know that I can call Debbie when I need her help or just need to talk about how I am managing. So can my daughter. My children have busy lives and I worry sometimes about being a burden on them.

It feels good to just be myself and be listened to. Growing older is not easy. Debbie knows my stories. She knows me.



Sligo SunsetDebbie Gilbert was recommended to us a year and a half ago. We are sisters living in different cities and are Powers of Attorney for our aunt, who has dementia.

The care journey has been a very difficult one.

Debbie is a phenomenal advocate for our aunt and partner to us in our role as caregivers.

We know that wherever we may be on the care journey, Debbie is right there beside us, guiding us and making our care responsibilities easier to carry.

There is so much to know and figure out. We don’t always know the questions to ask or where to find the information that we need, and Debbie has been our personal “Google”. With her healthcare background and knowledge, she is able to answer our questions or find the answers that we need. If we don’t understand how to navigate the healthcare system or recognize the type of care that our aunt needs, she takes the time to explain things. We value her professional opinions and the respect that she gives us as our aunt’s decision makers.

Debbie always has our aunt’s short and long-term care needs front and centre. She makes sure that we are aware of situations that may arise and need action. As sisters, we may process information and approach care challenges differently, and Debbie makes it easy for us to communicate with each other so that we can find a common path and focus on our aunt’s needs.

Debbie has now helped us with two assisted living moves. Her calm manner is reassuring during stressful moments. Her own caregiving journey with her mother adds a deeper layer to her work and is important to us. She treats our aunt with dignity, kindness and respect and our aunt brightens up when Debbie visits.

Why would we recommend Debbie? Nobody should walk the care journey alone. With Debbie, you know that she is walking right beside you and the person you love, every step of the way.

Nancy K. and Linda H.


churning waters2012 was a difficult year personally, as my Dad’s dementia reached the point where he had to be hospitalized in September, both for his own safety and my Mum’s safety and sanity.

As Dad’s full-time caregiver, Mum had to endure his increasingly erratic behavior 24/7, and it became both physically and mentally overwhelming for her.

He has recently been moved to his new permanent residence, a long-term care facility.  I am hopeful that Dad settles into his new surrounding comfortably and Mum regains her strength.

This little journey has been made a lot less difficult because my family engaged a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging named Debbie Gilbert, who has worked with us since last July.  Debbie did more than assist … more often than not she took the lead role in preparing us for what was/is to come, touring and selecting care facilities, negotiating the complicated health care system as our advocate, and on and on.  I recommend her highly if, unfortunately, you find yourself or your family needing this type of knowledge and support.

Geoff Crewe, C.A    (Excerpt from his Client Newsletter)


flowers in rocky cragI panicked when my father, who lives alone in another city, was facing surgery.

I knew that I needed to make extensive plans and set in motion a  host of services and equipment that had to be in place when my father returned home, but had no idea where to start.

Debbie was amazing; she knew how to find out my father’s equipment and service needs and helped put them in place including identifying additional care my father might need while he was in hospital. She helped me communicate with his surgeon.

Most importantly, Debbie enabled me to support my father, and my sisters. She gave me great strategies to use while negotiating with everyone involved and keep my sanity while I did so. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had Debbie in my corner, helping us all through a very stressful time.



Running Brook & Stones croppedMy late husband and I were clients of Ms Debbie Gilbert during the last few months of his life.  During those months as well as after my husband’s passing, Ms Gilbert provided compassionate and professional care for our whole family.

Ms Gilbert provided support to both my husband and me, including advocating on his behalf for appropriate discharge plans from his last hospitalization.  Support was also provided for my children living in Calgary who were involved in long distance caregiving as well as my children in Toronto.  Ms Gilbert provided support for me and my family with funeral arrangements as well as after care support for me.

I have the highest regard for Ms Gilbert, whose professional knowledge and insight into care issues were very helpful to my husband, my family and me.  I recommend her to others facing difficult life situations.

Thelma Feldman