For Individuals & Families

My work is tailored to meet specific client needs.  With fees based on an hourly rate, clients have maximum flexibility in choosing a range of services.

One-Time Consultation2.5 hours

For your convenience, this consultation can be held via Skype Group Video. Distance need not be a barrier to communication.

This popular option is perfect for families or individuals at various stages of their care journey who want a single consultation to explore the road ahead.  It provides a strong foundation for future work together.



The following are typical areas of focus:

  • Break the ice on important care conversations and the road ahead
  • Identify and assess current care plans in place
  • Identify red flags that may have been missed and need attention, now or in the future
  • Create action plans to address immediate areas of concern

Office, Telephone, Skype and Home Consultations

Telephone and Skype consultations allow us to talk regardless of geographic distance, poor weather conditions or transportation and mobility concerns. Home consultations are available within the Greater Toronto Area only.

Family Consultations 

My facilitated family consultations provide the opportunity for families to share important information, discuss concerns, problem solve, put plans in place and support each other.  Whether via telephone, Skype or in-person, these sessions are invaluable!

Hospital Consultations

Whether planned or unexpected, being in hospital today is a major source of stress and disruption for families. Hospital consultations include advocacy, strategies to manage hospitalizations, discharge planning in advance of returning home and keeping lines of communication open between staff, patients and families.  Clients value the continuity of care and the  support I provide during these difficult moments in time.

Service Coordination 

People often do not know how or do not have the time to coordinate care.  Whether coaching individuals and families or coordinating service on their behalf,  I have a network of trusted resources to call upon.  You can put your time and energy where it is needed most!


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