It is increasingly common for three and even four adult generations to be alive within a family today.  While we are living longer and for more years in good health, we may also face more years living with serious health conditions.

When changes in health in any of these generations occur, there are diffcult care conversations to have and important decisions to make. Families often don’t know how to get started in addressing complicated and overwhelming situations. They might not know which resources could be helpful or options that are available. Help and support are needed to walk the care years well.

Debbie Gilbert – the Founder of Generations, provides consulting services to individuals and families facing their care years, as well as to corporate clients.



This website is for:

  • Gen X-ers, Boomers and older seniors who are looking for help due to a change in physical health – their own or an older family member.
  • Professionals working in the areas of finance, law and medicine whose clients are facing the care years.
  • Canadian and international organizations looking for a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator on topics related to aging for conferences and client events.

Debbie Gilbert is the Founder of Generations.

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Debbie’s prior 25-year career as an occupational therapist and rehabilitation consultant in hospital and community settings, along with her designation as a CPCA – Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, have equipped her with unique skills and valuable expertise to help families walk the care years effectively and compassionately.

As a result of her own 10-year caregiving journey with her mother who had Alzheimer’s Disease, Debbie understands the complicated issues that families face as our population ages.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Debbie provides consulting services across the country.

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